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How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost?

As you might have guess, we can’t answer this question with any specificity. While we’ll estimate a minimum of a few thousand dollars, all lawyers set their own fees – and – costs vary, depending on the geographic location of the attorney, the attorney’s experience and expertise, the demand on the attorney’s time, and the seriousness of the case.

However, use our attorney directory so you can consult with the DUI lawyer of your choice and get fee information – at no charge.

How Will a DUI Lawyer Help My Case?

Some folks think, “Why hire a DUI attorney when I’m going to plead guilty anyway?”

We’ll answer that very good question, with a statement that most people find surprising:

Even if your blood alcohol measured .08% or higher or the police officer thought you were drunk driving you may be innocent – and if you don’t consult with a qualified DUI lawyer, you may plead guilty to a crime you didn’t commit.

  • We know it sounds odd, and while most people, do plead guilty to DUI charges, medicines, medical conditions, dental work, faulty blood alcohol content equipment, and police officer mistakes can all result in false positives.

  • Police mistakes may cause “evidence” to be tainted and inadmissible in court; therefore, you can’t be convicted.

  • Any mitigating or aggravating circumstances can reduce or increase the penalties handed down by the court.

    • Mitigating factors are conditions that would serve to decrease DUI penalties.

      Examples would be first time offense, no minors in the vehicle, no injuries, and no property damage.

    • Aggravating factors are circumstances that would increase DUI penalties.

      Examples would be previous DUI convictions, children in your vehicle, injuries, death, and property damage.

What Does a DUI Lawyer Does to Earn Her Fee?

If you choose to hire a DUI attorney, she will investigate your case thoroughly and not just take the police officer at her word – and not just assume the measure of your blood alcohol content is accurate.

There are legitimate defenses to DUI – and you may not be able to identify or convince the court of them without the assistance of counsel.

For example:

  • Would you know whether the officer was properly trained or had probable cause to stop you?

  • Would you know how to analyze whether your mouthwash or indigestion medication caused the Breathalyzer to measure inaccurately?

  • Would you know how to determine whether your blood alcohol level was rising and that, when you were actually driving, you were under the legal limit?

In addition, would you know how to convince the judge to give you a minimum sentence if you are convicted? You may not understand all mitigating circumstances and how to deal with the judge.

The Choice is Always Yours

It’s totally up to you whether you face the court alone or whether you choose to be represented by legal counsel. You have the right to proceed pro se and you have the right to be represented by an attorney.

Because the penalties and consequences of a DUI conviction are so serious, we think it makes sense to at least consult with an attorney. Missing work, going to jail, fines – all cost a lot more than attorney fees.

If you do decide to consult with a DUI lawyer, you can get a free case evaluation by contacting any of the DUI attorneys on The site is free – private – and without any obligation. In the alternative, you could ask a friend for a referral or the bar association for a list of DUI lawyers. Good luck with your case.

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