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I Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Sadly, it’s estimated between 115,000 and 400,000 American soldiers have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In addition, many stateside Americans suffer TBI as well. The injury is all too common, with devastating results.

What is TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the brain is injured as the head suffers extreme outside force. Common causes are a car accident, medical malpractice, sporting event, domestic abuse, an explosion, or a fall.

Picture someone in a car accident with his head being thrown against the dashboard or against the car door – or a patient falling of a gurney with her head slamming against the floor or a table – or – a woman being pushed down the stairs by her boyfriend – or – a guy playing pickup football, hit intentionally by another player -or – a misdiagnosed patient fainting at home and hitting his head on the counter – or – a soldier stepping on an IED and being thrown against a building, truck, or tank.

It’s traumatic just to think about it or picture someone suffering brain injury.

TBI can kill, maim, and horrendously discomfort – and the symptoms are slow to heal, if they ever do. In the most severe cases, the injured are left helpless. In severe cases, the injured may have an entirely different personality.

Common TBI symptoms include: memory loss, chronic pain, lack of concentration, attention deficit, confusion, lack of self-control, tired eyes, lethargy, fatigue, bad taste, insomnia, ear ringing, dizziness, mood swings, headaches, and loss of hearing.

The injuries are so severe that they often severally limit day-to-day functioning and the ability to work. Thus, medical, financial, and legal support are needed.

If I Have TBI, Do I Need an Attorney?

Whether it’s appropriate to consult with an attorney depends on the circumstances of your situation – what caused your brain injury?

  • Personal injury attorneys help people who were injured at the hands of another person or company such as in a car accident, medical accident or misdiagnosis, or in a personal attack such as domestic abuse or a fight.
  • Veterans benefits attorneys help veterans, who were injured or became ill because of their military service, get disability benefits from Veterans Affairs.
  • Disability attorneys help people who are too injured or ill to work – and have worked and paid into the system – get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Where Do I Find an Attorney that Will Help with My TBI case?

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it’s wise to at least find out whether you have a case and are owed financial compensation and/or disability benefits.

You are quite welcome to use our attorney referral website ( which has a ton of information and listings of attorneys, whom you can contact for a free case evaluation. The site is free and private – and your free case evaluation – comes with no obligation.

If you have a loved one, who has also suffered TBI, she may be able to refer you to her attorney – or – your local bar association may have listings of personal injury, veterans, and disability attorneys.

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