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Dealing with Creditor Phone Calls and Letters

Ugh! We know it’s the worst. You can’t even pick up the phone or go to the mailbox without getting totally stressed out because there’s constantly a barrage of creditor phone calls and letters. If the harassment has gone as far as wage garnishments, bank garnishments, and lawsuits, it’s really gone too far and you need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney right now.

Good News Actually, Great News

We have great news about ending creditor harassment.

When you file your bankruptcy petition, the court will accept it. As soon as the court accepts your petition, it issues an “automatic stay” which is a court order mandating that all collections attempts cease immediately.

This means that garnishments, lawsuits, phone calls, letters, repossessions, and foreclosures will halt.

While you still must deal with your debt and, likely, proceed with your bankruptcy case, the automatic stay will give you a breather time to discuss further strategy with your bankruptcy attorney.

You’re likely to sleep better at night as soon as your petition is filed. Actually, you’ll probably sleep better as soon as you meet with the bankruptcy attorney of your choice and discover how he or she can assist you.

How to Find and Select a Bankruptcy Attorney

You can find a bankruptcy attorney through our website the alternative, you can also ask a loved one for a referral or the bar association for a list.

However, if you contact a bankruptcy attorney through our site, you’ll be entitled to a free case evaluation by your choice of attorneys. It’s okay to chat with a few bankruptcy lawyers and select the one you’re most comfortable with.

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