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How much is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit over an injury and/or suffering, you are probably asking “What is my case worth?” It all comes down to damages.

Your insurance company is not going to tell you.

In fact, standard operating procedure means:

  • Deny
  • Defend
  • Delay

Insurance companies play the “game” of denying claims, defending claims, and delaying payment all with the hope that you’ll give up and go away, settling for way less than your case is worth.

At the very least, consult with an injury lawyer and find out how much your case is worth. You pay nothing unless you win.

A qualified personal injury attorney:

  • Will know the value of your case. If you are not represented by an attorney, an insurance company will likely offer you much less than your case is worth, assuming you’ll think the offer is big bucks, when you really deserve so much more.
  • Will have to negotiate with the insurance companies (whose only goal is to make you go away with the least amount of dollars possible).
  • Will need to navigate the legal, medical, and insurance systems.
  • Must know how to handle court mandated and statutory deadlines. If deadlines are missed, your case will be blocked and you will not receive the compensation you need and deserve.
  • Must know how to conduct legal research, answer interrogatories, take depositions, prepare for trial, negotiate, and conduct a trial.
  • Must understand how to handle defense counsel, court filings, and appeals.

What if the insurance company offers you $50,000? You may think that’s great and what a difference $50,000 will make; however, what if your case is worth $500,000 or $5 million?

Take your pick:

  • $50,000 or
  • $500,000 after lawyer fees and expenses = your net (way more than $50,000)
  • $5 million after lawyer fees and expenses = your net (way more than $50,000)

You can find a personal injury attorney by asking a friend, who has had a successful experience, for a referral calling the bar association for a list of lawyers or by using our free and private website, Best of luck with your case; we’re rooting for you!

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