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Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer

Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer

Because emotions runs so high during divorce, choosing a divorce attorney, who is a good match for you, is especially important.

The most important fact in choosing a divorce lawyer is absolutely the attorney’s outlook.

  • Avoid the hit man lawyer
    • If an attorney acts like a shark or hit man, run far far away. Words such as “I’ll shred your spouse to bits” or “We’ll see how smug he is in court” will come back to haunt you.
    • A lawyer, who instigates, is not a good fit.
  • Hire the cooperative lawyer
    • While hiring the hit man is tempting (we get it), in the long run, you and your children will be better off working with an attorney who seeks to represent your interests as well as work cooperatively with your spouse’s attorney to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Other important factors include professional experience, strong focus on divorce/family/matrimonial law, licensing in your state, and your comfort level.

You can find a divorce lawyer on our free site ( or referrals from family, friends, and the bar association work well too.

Tips for a Smooth Divorce

  • Hire a cooperatively minded divorce attorney and follow his or her advice. If you can work out a marital agreement, you’ll be much happier and have some cash left over – going to court is a loss of control, takes a long time, and costs big bucks.

  • Meet with a counselor on a regular basis to deal with stress, anger, resentment, and even hate.

  • Make a list of your top priorities (children and finances) and stick to those; say, “Yes”, to everything else and “let it go”. Compromise is mandatory and should be the word of the day.

  • Be civil, especially in front of your children. Communicate with your spouse directly, unless there is abuse or manipulation – if so, communicate through your lawyers.

  • Focus on making sure your children feel loved and reminding them that their other parent loves them and that the divorce is not their fault.

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