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Get Divorced without breaking piggy bank

Aha, a very important question. Often during divorce, anger and resentment rule the decision making process. When that happens, legal fees skyrocket.

Although it may not feel like it, there is much you and your spouse can do to control costs. Keep in mind that the less you spend on legal fees, the more money you have to fund your new life – and, the less stress you’ll cause your children and others you love.

  • Work with a counselor. Divorce is usually ultra emotional. Working with a trained counselor will give you the support and sounding board you need, without further upsetting your children, loved ones, and friends.
    • In addition, keep in mind that when your emotions are under control, you will make better decisions.
    • Your divorce lawyer likely charges by the hour and venting to your lawyer needlessly runs up your bill. Many folks make the mistake of using their divorce lawyer as their counselor.
    • If your anger overruns your good judgment and you are violent or threatening to your spouse or children, you will pay financially and otherwise. Never violate a restraining order.
  • Cooperate. Act as you would teach your children to act in a difficult situation.
    • With the support of your counselor, get yourself to the point that divorce is not about “winning” or seeking revenge.
    • Hire a cooperative divorce attorney – one who encourages mediation and working together to reach a mutually beneficial solution.
    • If there is anyway you can say, “yes”, to your spouse’s requests, do it.
    • Provide all requested information ASAP.
  • Be Efficient. Be smart with your divorce lawyer’s time.
    • Use a counselor to express upset, not your attorney.
    • Do not call or email daily, unless your lawyer requests a response.

      Thoughtful communication once a week is fine. In the meantime, jot down your questions and concerns to include in that weekly communication.

    • Take your attorney’s advice the first time it’s given.
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