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Easy Ways to Triple Divorce Costs

Most folks don t realize it, but when you’re going through a divorce, you can easily triple your costs – or keep them to a minimum. The choice is yours.

Here are 5 fast and easy ways to triple the cost of your divorce. If you prefer, you can do the opposite and keep your fees as low as possible.

  1. Go to Court

    To maximize your costs, insist on going to court. Don t work with an attorney who focuses on working cooperatively for an agreeable outcome; instead hire a shark who will encourage you to be angry and vindictive and rake that evil soon to be ex of your over the coals.

    As a side benefit, you won’t be able to sleep at night, your children will be upset, and you’ll have less money and energy to focus on your future and wellbeing.

    Definitely say, “NO”, to mediation or co-designing a Marital Settlement Agreement.

  2. Just Say, “NO”

    As we advised that you to say no to mediation or a Marital Settlement Agreement if you want to keep divorce costs up, we also advise you to say, “NO”, to anything your spouse or his or her attorney requests. In addition, be sure to take a long time to return all paperwork and provide requested information.

    Cooperation, good will, and common courtesy go a long way to keep your divorces costs down and creating a communicative future with your spouse.

    Instead be sure to sweat all the small stuff; if in doubt, just say, “NO”.

    As an added bonus, we’ll throw this in: Be sure to say “NO” to your attorney s advice the first few times it’s given. Your friend, neighbor, and that magazine article surely know more than your attorney, so take that sage advice instead of following your divorce lawyer s direction. (This insider information really tops out the billing.)

  3. Be a Squeaky Wheel

    Making a list of your questions and concerns and contacting your divorce lawyer once a week will keep your fees down. Instead, be sure your lawyer hasn’t forgotten you and be that squeaky wheel who calls or emails several times a day.

  4. Let Your Lawyer Know Everything

    When you’re on the phone with your lawyer, vent! Vent! Vent! Be sure your divorce lawyer knows what a down dirty dog your estranged spouse is and what he or she is doing this very minute.

    Don’t bother consulting with a trained therapist who can help you to deal with your natural anger, pain, resentment, and fear – call your lawyer!

  5. Ignore Court Orders

    If you ignore all court orders and scare and hurt your spouse, refuse your spouse visitation with his or her children, or fail to pay spousal support and child support, you’ll definitely send the divorce fees through the roof.

In summary, to triple your divorce costs, never do the right thing. However, if you think this article is full of doodle bugs and that you should ignore everything in it, please feel free to contact the divorce attorney of your choice through our website,, and you’ll receive a free case evaluation.

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