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DUI & DWI in Vermont

Anyone arrested for DUI needs a qualified lawyer in his or her corner. Hiring a Vermont DUI attorney may mean the difference between jail and no jail – being able to support your family or not – a bright future – or not.

You’re on the right track; read on for:

  • Vermont DUI Laws
  • Vermont DUI Punishments
  • Potential DUI Defenses
  • Vermont’s Other Drunk Driving and Alcohol Laws
  • How to Find a Vermont DUI Defense Lawyer

When is a Driver Considered to be Legally Drunk in Vermont?

Vermont drunk driving laws are found in the Vermont Statutes.To read a summary of Vermont DUI laws click here: VT DUI laws.

If you are caught driving with a BAC at or over these limits or if your driving is impaired, you will be arrested for drunk driving.

BAC stands for “Blood Alcohol Content”.

  • BAC of .08 -over age 21 non-commercial drivers.
  • BAC of .02 – under age 21 drivers.
  • BAC of .04 – commercial drivers.
  • BAC of .02 – school bus drivers.

What is Vermont’s Punishment for DUI Convictions?

Serious Injury: If you drive drunk and seriously injure or kill someone, you’ll be fined up to $10,000 and go to jail for between 1 and 15 years.

No Serious Injury: Immediately below are the base DUI punishments that apply when no serious injury or death results:

  • 1st DUI Conviction: Up to2 years in jail – fines of $750- loss of commercial license -driver’s license suspension for 90 days.

  • 2nd DUI Conviction: Up to 2 years in jail – fines of up to $1,500 – loss of commercial license – driver’s license suspension for 18 months.

  • 3rd DUI Conviction: Up to 5 years in jail – fines of $2,500 – loss of commercial license – driver’s license permanently revoked.

Vermont Drunk Driving Defenses

Your criminal defense lawyer will examine all the evidence to determine whether there was:

  • An improper stop or arrest.
  • A mistake in BAC testing.
  • An irreversible error at trial.

Of course, the goal is to get DUI charges dropped. Other goals include:

  • Having drunk driving charges reduced.
  • Preventing prosecutors from proving guilt.
  • Minimizing any criminal sentence.

Vermont’s Other Drunk Driving and Alcohol Laws

Vermont’s Dram Shop Act
An injured third person can successfully sue a licensed drinking establishment for injuries caused by the establishment serving an underage person or an intoxicated person or serving alcohol after legal hours.

Civil Liability for Serving Underage Persons
Anyone who knowingly serves an underage person is liable for injuries sustained by third persons.

Criminal Penalties for Serving Underage Persons
In Vermont, it’s a crime to furnish alcohol to an underage person. You can go to jail and pay big fines. In fact, if the underage person is killed or seriously injured, you’ll go to jail for up to 5 years and pay up to $10,000 in fines.

How to Find a Vermont DUI Attorney

By reading this article, you’re already on the right track. To find a Vermont DUI lawyer, search our website,, or ask friends or the bar association for a referral. Call right away the DUI defense attorney of your choice right away.

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