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Tax Law in Tennessee

Many of us think of April 15th as “tax time”, but Tennessee tax attorneys work full time all year because tax issues are common throughout the entire calendar year. Are you wondering whether you need a TN tax lawyer?

Here’s important tax and tax attorney information that has been helpful to many people. You may find it helpful as well.

In this article, we show you:

  • When a TN tax lawyer can help you
  • The types of taxes a TN tax attorney deals with
  • How to find free non-legal tax help
  • How to find legal tax help

A Tennessee Tax Lawyer Can Help with these Tax Problems

Call a tax attorney and ask if he or she handles your individual tax situation. As a way of example, we’ll list several situations where a tax attorney has helped.

  • Bethany found a separate set of books hidden in her husband’s office. She thinks he has been hiding income from the IRS and she doesn’t want to go to jail. She’s wondering whether the innocent spouse rule applies in her situation.
  • Samantha wants to start an online business with both charitable and for-profit aspects. She wants to make sure both parts of the business are set up properly and that she doesn’t pay any more tax than is required by law.
  • The tax court ruled against Nadine and she now owes the IRS $35,000. She wants to appeal.
  • Kasey has been arrested for tax evasion and is facing a lengthy prison sentence.
  • Mary wants to negotiate a $12,000 tax debt.
  • The Tennessee Department of Revenue is auditing Katie and her three businesses.

A Tennessee Tax Attorney Handles These Kind of Taxes

  • Income Taxes (Federal, State, and Local)
    • Personal Income Taxes
    • Business Income Taxes
    • Capital Gains Taxes
    • Investment Taxes
  • Estate and Inheritance Taxes (Federal and State)
  • Gift Taxes
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Tax
  • Payroll (aka Withholding) Taxes
  • Social Security and Medicare Taxes (aka Self Employment Taxes)
  • Sales and Use Taxes (for instate and out-of-state (i.e. online) purchases)
  • Real Estate Taxes and Real Estate Transfer Taxes

Where do I Find Tennessee and Federal Tax Laws?

How Do I Find Non-Legal Tax Help?

Check out the IRS and the Tennessee Department of Revenue for non-legal tax help. The information is free and you can call for guidance if you need it.

How Do I Find Legal Tax Help?

It’s always “tax time”. And, you’ll feel much better as soon as you have a lawyer in your corner. You’ll know you won’t say or do something that will hurt your case. To find a Tennessee tax attorney, search our site,, or ask the bar association or a friend for a referral.

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