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Tax Law in South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina and have tax concerns, this article was written for you. In just 600 words, you will find the information you need to move forward and put your tax problems and mind to rest.

We’ll overview:

  • When a SC tax lawyer can help you
  • The types of taxes a SC tax attorney deals with
  • How to find free non-legal tax help
  • How to find legal tax help

A South Carolina Tax Lawyer Can Help with these Tax Problems

Your nightmarish tax problems are mere everyday challenges to a qualified tax attorney. Here are 7 examples of tax situations that a SC tax attorney can help you with.

Of course, there are many others – but we promised you we’d keep it to about 600 words. We do provide a lot of resources where you can find out more.

  • Ozzie has been arrested for tax evasion and Harriet wants to know about the Innocent Spouse Rule.
  • Burt and Sally set up a charitable organization to build houses for the homeless. The IRS is investigating to make sure the organization is on the up and up.
  • Brad and Angelina have been assessed a $500,000 tax bill. They disagree with the assessment and say they have claimed all income and donated millions to charity.
  • Adam and Eve own apple orchards and IRS agents say they have been paying workers under the table. They face jail time.
  • Barbie and Ken want to avoid any audits by the IRS and the South Carolina Department of Revenue. They want a full analysis of their books, business structure, operations, and tax returns.
  • Marge just found out that Homer hasn’t filed their taxes for the last 3 years.
  • Romeo and Juliet are getting divorced. Juliet is convinced that Romeo is hiding money and has cheated on their taxes.

A South Carolina Tax Attorney Handles These Kind of Taxes

Take a moment to think of all the taxes that are part of your every day life. Tax attorneys handle taxes related to each of these tax events.

  • You pay taxes when you earn money or when your money earns money. These are income taxes.
  • You pay taxes when you just own an asset such as real estate.
  • You pay taxes when you transfer money (i.e. gift taxes).
  • You pay taxes when you purchase products or services. These are sale and use taxes.
  • You pay taxes when you die and pass assets to loved ones. These are estate taxes.

Where do I Find South Carolina and Federal Tax Laws?

Some folks find peace in mind in going to the original source of laws. Here are the links for South Carolina residents.

How Do I Find Non-Legal Tax Help?

Here are two more key links for South Carolina taxpayers. For educational information and tax forms, use the IRS and the South Carolina Department of Revenue websites.

How Do I Find Legal Tax Help?

One last resource – it’s the grand finale – to find a South Carolina tax attorney, search our free site,, or ask the bar association or a friend for a referral.

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