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Personal Injury Law in North Carolina

The absolute bottom line of this article is that it’s likely in your best interest to consult with a North Carolina personal injury attorney, if you or a loved one has been injured in a North Carolina accident or bad act.

“Why do I need to hire an attorney if I’ve been injured?” you may ask. And, that’s what we’ll answer below. But in a nutshell:

  • You need to focus on healing and your family – planning for your future.
  • You can’t trust insurance companies.
  • You need to pay your bills.
  • You could make a serious mistake by trying to represent yourself because:
    • You likely don’t know North Carolina personal injury law, legal procedures, or how to prove negligence or the appropriate theory of liability.
    • You likely aren’t comfortable negotiating with insurance companies and may not realize just how much you’re really entitled to. $100,000 may sound like a lot – but what if you’re entitled to $600,000?
    • You can’t be objective about your own personal injury case.

A qualified North Carolina personal injury lawyer will provide the specifics applicable to your case;however, we’ll use this article to provide information you need to know now:

  • The kinds of cases that North Carolina personal injury lawyers handle.
  • What you need to prove in a personal injury case.
  • Why you should call a lawyer immediately.
  • How to find a North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney.

Would a North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Handle My Case?

The cool thing is that you can get free consultation from a PI lawyer to find out if you have a case. Check out North Carolina personal injury lawyer websites through out site,

Here are examples of cases that PI lawyers often handle:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Car, motorcycle, truck, cruise ship, boat, ferry, golf cart, amusement park, construction zone, ATV, RV, pedestrian, bicycle, and mass accidents.

  • Defective Product Accidents: Cars, tires, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, saws, machines, medications, kitchen tools, tools, appliances, power tools, equipment, and chemicals.

  • Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnosis, inappropriate surgery, adverse drug reactions, surgical errors, delayed diagnosis, failure to treat, birth injuries, and wrongful death.

  • Example Injuries: Mesothelioma (i.e. cancer), food-borne illnesses, scars, fractures, lacerations, broken bones, nursing home abuse injuries, burns, bruises, slip and falls injuries, dog bites, birth injuries, brain injuries, adverse drug reactions, and wrongful death.

  • Workers Compensation: Workers compensation benefits may not be enough for workers injured on the job. Sometimes workers need assistance getting their rightful benefits or getting compensation from the manufacturer or distributor of a harmful and defective product.

How Do I Prove My North Carolina Personal Injury Case?

To win your case, you likely must prove negligence. There are other theories of liability, but in North Carolina, negligence is the most common.

  • First, prove that the defendant had a duty to you and failed in that duty.
  • Second, prove that that failure in duty caused you injury.
  • Third, prove that your injuries caused recoverable damages.

Why Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately?

As soon as you have a PI attorney on your side:

How Do I Find a North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney?

To find a North Carolina personal injury lawyer, search our site,, or ask the bar association or a loved one for a referral.

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