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Personal Injury Law in Missouri

There are more than 5 million car accidents every year on U.S. roadways. The statistics are staggering, but if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident on Missouri roadways, or in some other type of accident, you don’t want to be a statistic. And, you’re not.

Missouri personal injury attorneys help people like you every day and know that you are more than a statistic, more than a claim number. PI lawyers understand that you need to heal, take care of a family who needs you, pay bills, and start over. They are dedicated to helping people like you.

Fortunately, the legal system is set up to protect injured people. If you were seriously injured in an accident in Missouri, hiring a Missouri personal injury attorney may help you attain justice, get a fair settlement from the insurance company, or take your case to a jury.

If you or a loved one has been injured in the state of Missouri, this article is meant for you. We’ll discuss:

  • The kinds of cases that Missouri personal injury lawyers handle.
  • What you need to prove in a personal injury case.
  • Why you should call a lawyer immediately.
  • How to find a Missouri personal injury attorney.

Would a Missouri Personal Injury Attorney Handle My Case?

If you were seriously injured in Missouri, a Missouri attorney would likely handle your type of case. Fortunately, Missouri PI attorneys always give free consultations, with no commitment required, so you can find out if you have a case without paying a fee.

Here are some of the cases Missouri personal injury attorneys handle. If you don’t see your type of accident or injury, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get help. This is just a listing the most common accidents and injuries.

  • Example motor vehicle cases include truck, car, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, golf cart, RV, ATV, boat, cruise line, and amusement park ride accidents. Sometimes mass accidents cause injuries for many people.

  • Sometimes defective products cause injuries. Cars, hair dryers, power tools, medicines, vacuum cleaners, machines, appliances, kitchen tools, etc. have all been found to be defective at times.

  • Example injuries include death, dog bites, adverse drug reactions, burns, scars, lacerations, bruises, broken bones, nursing home abuse injuries, slip and falls injuries, food poisoning injury, medical malpractice injuries, and Mesothelioma (i.e. cancer).

The Workers Compensation system was designed to avoid litigation and get the worker healed and back on the job as quickly as possible.

  • However, some injured workers do need legal representation to get their rightful Workers Compensation benefits.
  • In addition, if you were hurt by a dangerous product on the job, litigation against the manufacturer or distributer of the product may be appropriate.

Some Missouri personal injury attorneys handle Workers Compensation and some do not. It’s okay to call or email and ask – or you can likely tell by checking out their offerings through our site,

How Do I Prove My Missouri Personal Injury Case?

To win your case, you must likely prove negligence. There are other theories of liability, but in Missouri, negligence is the most common.

To prove negligence, you must show that these 3 elements exist beyond a preponderance of the evidence.

  • #1. Defendant had a duty that was not met.
  • #2. That failed duty caused you injury.
  • #3. Those injuries called legally recoverable injuries.

Why Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately?

The sooner you call a personal injury lawyer, the better.

  • The PI law firm will send an investigator out to collect and preserve evidence for your case.
  • You’ll be told exactly how you should move forward.
  • You’ll be protected from others involved in your injuries, insurance companies, and other lawyers. Don’t talk to anyone without first consulting an attorney.
  • You must file your case by the time limit (aka “statute of limitations”).

    Here are some example Missouri statute of limitations for personal injury cases:

How Do I Find a Missouri Personal Injury Attorney?

To find a Missouri personal injury lawyer, search our site,, or ask the bar association or a loved one for a referral. Your next step is to contact the personal injury lawyer of your choice.

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