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Tax Law in Louisiana

If you are like many Louisiana residents, when faced with a difficult challenge such as tax problems, you want the bottom line. We understand.

This article bottom lines:

  • When aLA tax lawyer can help you
  • The types of taxes a LA tax attorney deals with
  • How to find free non-legal tax help
  • How to find legal tax help

A Louisiana Tax Lawyer Can Help with these Tax Problems

The Bottom line is that you must consult with a qualified tax attorney to find out if and how he or she can help you.

For details, here are a few examples where tax lawyers have been able to help.

  • Marsha wants to appeal the tax court judgment assessing her delinquent in paying $32,000 in income taxes.
  • Greg wants to know if he qualifies for any tax benefits stemming from losses caused by Katrina.
  • The county has reassessed Jan’s house and her real estate taxes have shot up dramatically. Jan and her realtor disagree with the assessment. Jan seeks to challenge it.
  • Peter has just been arrested for tax evasion; he is facing jail time if convicted.
  • Cindy thinks she’s paid her taxes properly – the Louisiana Department of Revenue disagrees and is taking her to court.
  • Bobby hates paying taxes and is thinking of leaving the country. He wants to know how to go about expatriating as well as any other ways of avoiding or minimizing paying any taxes.
  • Alice thinks Sam has been hiding cash income from his butcher shop. She can’t sleep at night and is afraid she’ll go to jail and won’t be able to take care of the kids.

A Louisiana Tax Attorney Handles These Kind of Taxes

The bottom line is that tax lawyers handle all tax issues.

Here are the relevant details:

  • Income Taxes
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Gift Taxes
  • Sales and Use Taxes
  • Estate Taxes

Where do I Find Louisiana and Federal Tax Laws?

Here are links to important sources of law important to Louisiana residents:

How Do I Find Non-Legal Tax Help?

Here are two more key links for Louisiana taxpayers. For educational information and tax forms, use the IRS and the Louisiana Department of Revenue websites.

How Do I Find Legal Tax Help?

To find a Louisianatax attorney, search our free site,, or ask the bar association or a friend for a referral.

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