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Tax Law in Illinois

Illinois tax attorneys defend against tax fraud and tax evasion charges; negotiate tax disputes and settlements; file back taxes; and plan ahead to save taxes in estate planning and business matters.

Here’s the nutshell version of:

  • When a IL tax lawyer can help you
  • The types of taxes an IL tax attorney deals with
  • How to find free non-legal tax help
  • How to find legal tax help

An Illinois Tax Lawyer Can Help with these Tax Problems

  • Juan is concerned that he’s going to be charged with tax fraud or tax evasion because he business partner was just arrested.
  • The Illinois Department of Revenue sent Fred a letter saying he owes $15,000 in back taxes.
  • The IRS is auditing Tim’s personal taxes and questioning his business deductions.
  • Meeta just realized she should have been paying taxes on her Ebay and PayPal income for the last 4 years.
  • Richelle wonders if her child-care business is paying too much or too little in taxes.
  • Idah no longer feels comfortable filing her own income tax returns because of her trust, investment, and business income.

A Illinois Tax Attorney Handles These Kind of Taxes

  • Income Taxes, including personal state, local and federal income taxes; capital gains taxes; and business income taxes.
  • Payroll Taxes, including withholding taxes such as Social Security and Medicare taxes.
  • Estate Planning Taxes, including federal estate, gift, generation-skipping taxes, and the Illinois estate tax.
  • Transfer Taxes, including realty transfer taxes and mergers and acquisitions taxes.
  • Sales and Use Taxes, in-person and out-of-state online purchase taxes

Where do I Find Illinois and Federal Tax Laws?

If you like to go to the original source and want to read the tax law, here are the links:

How Do I Find Non-Legal Tax Help?

Non-legal tax help is available from the IRS the Illinois Department of Revenue. They both have helpful websites and have phone numbers to talk to a representative.

However, if you need legal advice (i.e. how that laws apply to your unique situation), you need to consult with a tax lawyer. It is illegal – and not in your best interests – for a non-lawyer to provide legal advice.

How Do I Find Legal Tax Help?

You do not have to face the IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue alone. To find an Illinois tax attorney, search our site,, or ask the bar association or a friend for a referral.

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