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Personal Injury Law in Idaho

If lawyers make you feel uncomfortable, you’re not alone. However, we suggest that you will be happily surprised how easy it is to communicate and work with an Idaho personal injury attorney.

  • You get to choose your own PI lawyer, so you can choose someone you like.
  • If you’re too injured to come into the office, your PI attorney will come to you.
  • PI attorneys are trained to help injured people and they understand what you’re going through.
  • You don’t have to pay anything up front; you only pay if you win your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in the state of Idaho, this article will make you feel more comfortable. Knowledge is power.

We’ll nutshell:

  • The kinds of cases that Idaho personal injury lawyers handle.
  • What you need to prove to win your case.
  • Why you should call a PI lawyer immediately.
  • How to find an Idaho personal injury attorney.

Would an Idaho Personal Injury Attorney Handle My Case?

If you were seriously injured in Idaho, an Idaho attorney would likely handle your type of case.

  • People often get hurt in motor vehicle crashes. Examples would include truck, car, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, golf cart, RV, ATV, boat, airplane, cruise line, amusement park ride, construction zone, on the job, and mass accidents.
  • Sometimes defective products cause injuries and fires. Cars, hair dryers, power tools, medicines, vacuum cleaners, equipment, machines, appliances, medical equipment, kitchen tools, chemicals, etc. have all been found to be defective at times.
  • Example injuries include death, birth injuries, brain injuries, dog bites, adverse drug reactions, burns, scars, lacerations, bruises, broken bones, fractures, food-borne illnesses, nursing home abuse injuries, slip and falls injuries, food poisoning injuries, medical malpractice injuries, and Mesothelioma (i.e. cancer).

How Do I Prove My Idaho Personal Injury Case?

To win your case, you likely must prove negligence. There are other theories of liability, but in Idaho, negligence is the most common.

  • First, you need to show that the person (or company)who caused your injury had a duty to you and failed to act reasonably.
  • Second, you need to show causation, meaning that the person’s unreasonable actions or inactions caused your injury.
  • Third, you need to show that you had losses such as medical bills, lost wages, lost benefits, pain and suffering, and for family members, loss of consortium.

Why Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately?

  • As soon as you make the call to a personal injury attorney, you’ll have professionals on your side to collect evidence and give you advice.
  • Witness memories fade and physical evidence can disappear as wounds heal, weather conditions change, road signage is replaced, items are moved, and skid marks fade away.
  • Regardless of what you have seen on TV, insurance companies are not your friends. They will pressure you, ask you questions while taping you, and later use your words against you.
  • In addition, if you allow the statute of limitations to pass on your case, you will be forever barred from receiving financial compensation for your injuries.

    Here are some example Idaho statute of limitations for personal injury cases:

How Do I Find an Idaho Personal Injury Attorney?

To find an Idaho personal injury lawyer, search our site,, or ask the bar association or a loved one for a referral. You’re bound to feel more comfortable as soon as you hire a PI attorney.

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