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Divorce Law in Idaho

How to Find an Idaho Divorce Attorney

Do you still see Idaho’s beauty? Do you truly see the beauty of the mountains, skies, lakes, rivers, and trees? (Yes, this is an article about divorce in Idaho; you’re in the right place.)

Even snow looks beautiful in Idaho. Often, when we’re stressed or just around something a long time, we no longer see its beauty. We’re not attempting to have you look at your spouse in new light; that’s for your therapist to do (or not do). We’re literally suggesting that you look at the beauty surrounding you. It’s healing and you’ll feel less stressed.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


If you’re considering divorce or trying to find an Idaho divorce attorney, you’re likely highly stressed; and, if you’re like a lot of people, you’re not truly seeing beauty. If this sounds like you, this article is for you. We’ll help to get you on the right path by discussing:

  • Idaho specific divorce law requirements;
  • What you need to know about divorce, in general;
  • Whether it’s in your best interest to hire a Idaho divorce attorney;
  • How to find and select a qualified lawyer; and
  • How to prepare to work with your lawyer.

Idaho Divorce Law Specifics

  • Either you or your spouse must have lived in Idaho for at least 6 weeks prior to the divorce filing.
  • Idaho law requires that divorce filings include the grounds divorce, either “no-fault” or “fault”.
  • Idaho divorce law terms, which identify you and your spouse, are archaic. “Plaintiff” and “defendant” are used. “Plaintiff” refers to the spouse who filed the papers and “defendant” refers to the other spouse.
  • Divorce filings are made in a District Court.
  • Unless you and your spouse otherwise agree, property distribution will be based upon community property law. All marital assets will be divided 50/50.
  • Spousal support (i.e. alimony) may be awarded in some cases and child support in based upon the Income Shares Model.

What You Need to Know About Divorce

While it may not feel like it, you can do much to control the divorce process:

  • As Ralph Waldo Emerson suggests, [a]dopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
  • Work with a therapist. During divorce, feelings of fear, anger, sadness, loss, and stress are completely normal.
  • Keep your focus on cooperation, collaboration, and compromise. This will help you avoid court interference, stress, and higher fees.
  • Say, “yes”, as often as you can during all divorce negotiations. Save “no” for when you really mean it.
  • Communicate and provide all requested information, promptly.

Following these guidelines will ease your stress and keep your legal fees to a minimum.

Is it in Your Best Interests to Work with an Idaho Divorce Lawyer?

Of course, it is. You need to put the legal work, paper work, and negotiations in the hands of a qualified divorce lawyer, so that you can focus on healing and starting fresh.

In addition, imagine what one mistake or a few mistakes could cost you. If you give up marital rights during divorce, you will be forever barred from asserting them in the future.

How to Find and Select an Idaho Divorce Attorney

The easiest, fastest, and most private way to find an attorney is to do a virtual search for “How to Find a Idaho Divorce Attorney”.

Narrow down list by chatting with a few divorce attorneys. Then, select an attorney who:

  • Is willing to work collaboratively with your spouse’s attorney.
  • Will answer your questions on a regular basis.
  • You’re comfortable with.

Be sure to ask about fees, time frame, what expectations you should or should not have, how to best communicate with your attorney, working collaboratively, and avoiding court, if possible.

How to Prepare to Work with Your Divorce Attorney

You can best prepare to work with your divorce lawyer by getting into a healthy mindset and gathering financial documents.

  • Consider reconciliation. The divorce court will always be available later if you decide to file next month, next year.
  • Keep in mind that neither your divorce lawyer nor your children are therapists. Meet with a therapist to deal with the emotional aspects of divorce.
  • Know that cooperation, communication, collaboration, and compromise are required during divorce.
  • Gather financial documents showing all income, expenses, debts, and assets. Tax returns, financial statements, and loan applications are all helpful.
  • Create a wish list of everything you would like in the divorce. Indicate which items are “musts” and which ones would be nice.
  • List questions to address with your lawyer during your next communication.
  • Be with friends and family, exercise, volunteer to help others, and/or get into a new hobby. Do something that takes your mind off the divorce and makes you feel good.
  • Get outside and enjoy Idaho’s beauty. It’s healing. Go for a walk or a drive. Sit in a park. Go out on a boat. Do whatever feels good and makes you happy.

Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.

~Standing Bear

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