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Personal Injury Law in Hawaii

There is no downside to hiring a Hawaii personal injury attorney.

  • You get to choose the PI lawyer you like and respect.
  • You don’t have to front any expenses.
  • You don’t have to do any of the paperwork, legal work, negotiations, or evidence gathering.
  • You don’t pay anything unless you win your case.
  • You will likely net more money even after your PI attorney is paid.

If you or a loved one has been injured in Hawaii, this article is meant for you. We’ll summarize:

  • The kinds of cases that Hawaii personal injury lawyers handle.
  • What you need to prove in a personal injury case.
  • Why you should call a lawyer immediately.
  • How to find a Hawaii personal injury attorney.

Would a Hawaii Personal Injury Attorney Handle My Case?

Contact a personal injury law firm and find out. As mentioned above, case evaluations are free.

Here’s a listing of common PI cases. Don’t stress if you situation isn’t listed.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents– truck, car, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, golf cart, RV, ATV, boat, cruise line, airline, scooter, amusement park ride, construction zone, and mass accidents.

  • Defective Products – tires, cars, medical equipment, hair dryers, power tools, medicines, vacuum cleaners, machines, equipment, appliances, kitchen tools, chemicals, etc.

  • Injuries – death, birth injuries, brain injuries, dog bites, adverse drug reactions, burns, scars, lacerations, bruises, broken bones, fractures, food-borne illnesses, nursing home abuse injuries, slip and falls injuries, medical malpractice injuries, and Mesothelioma (i.e. cancer).

How Do I Prove My Hawaii Personal Injury Case?

Negligence is the most common theory of liability in Hawaiian PI cases. Of course, there are others so ask your PI attorney what you need to prove to win your specific case.

There are 3 steps in proving negligence. Each step must be proven as more likely than not. This is called proof by a “preponderance of the evidence”.

  • #1 – The defendant had a duty to you that was breached.
  • #2 – That breach caused you injury.
  • #3 – That injury caused legal damages such as financial loss.

Why Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately?

  • So you don’t say and do things that will hurt your case; you’ll get professional advice.
  • So evidence, you need to prove your case, is preserved by professional investigators.
  • So your PI lawyer can protect you against unscrupulous insurance companies who will try to trick you.
  • Because the others involved will hire lawyers.
  • Because you must file your case before the legal time limit (aka “statute of limitations”) expires.

    Here are some example Hawaii statute of limitations for personal injury cases:

How Do I Find a Hawaii Personal Injury Attorney?

To find a Hawaii personal injury lawyer, search our site,, or ask the bar association or a loved one for a referral.

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