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DUI & DWI in Colorado

Have you fallen prey to the drinking and driving myths? For example, one such myth is that coffee, a cold shower, or fresh air will sober you up. “Not true”, say Colorado DUI attorneys. The only thing that can sober you up is time.

If you’ve experienced one of those myths and have been arrested for DUI or DWAI on Colorado roadways, this article was written for you. We’ll outline:

  • Colorado DUI DWAI Laws
  • Colorado DUI Punishments
  • Potential DUI Defenses
  • Colorado’s Other Drunk Driving and Alcohol Laws
  • How to Find a Colorado DUI DWAI Attorney

When is a Driver Considered to be Legally Drunk in Colorado?

The Colorado Revised Statutes contain Colorado’s drunk driving laws.

If you’re driving on Colorado roadways,you’re breaking the law if you’re a:

  • Non-commercial driver and your BAC (blood alcohol content) is .08 or higher.
  • A commercial driver and your BAC is .04 or higher. School bus drivers, you are considered to be a commercial driver in Colorado.
  • Under age 21 driver and your BAC is .02 or higher.

Please note that if your driving is impaired by a smaller amount of alcohol or drugs, you still cannot legally drive in the state of Colorado.

What is Colorado’s Punishment for DUI Convictions?

  • 1st Offense – jail time of up to 90 days – fines up to $1,000- driver’s license suspension for 3 months — 48 to 96 hours of community service – possible ignition interlock – loss of commercial driver’s license.

  • 2nd Offense* – jail time of 90 days to 1 year-community service for any days less than 30 days served in jail – fines of $500 to $1,500 — 60 to 120 hours of community service – driver’s license suspended for 1 year – loss of commercial driver’s license – ignition interlock.

  • 3rd Offense* – jail time of 70 days to 1 year – fines of $450 to $1,500 – 56 to 120 hours of community service – driver’s license revoked for 1 year -loss of commercial driver’s license – ignition interlock.

*There are no time constraints on the offenses. The look back period is a lifetime.

Colorado Drunk Driving Defenses

When you consult with a DUI defense attorney, he or she will explain defenses that may get the drunk driving charges dismissed or minimize your sentence upon convictions.

  • Mistakes at original trial.
  • Mistakes during the original traffic stop.
  • Mistakes in BAC evidence collection.
  • Mistakes in BAC analysis.
  • Mistakes in BAC evidence presentation.
  • Clean driving record.
  • BAC only slightly higher than .08.

Colorado’s Other Drunk Driving and Alcohol Laws

Colorado Civil Liability for Bars and Restaurants
Licensed drinking establishments will be held civilly liable for third party injuries caused by serving underage persons or visibly intoxicated persons.

Colorado’s Providing Alcohol to Underage Persons Law
It is a crime to furnish alcohol to an underage person. You’ll go to jail for 6 to 18 months and pay a fine of $500 to $5,000 – plus if the underage person was a minor, the jail term is 2 to 6 years, 3 years of parole, and fines of $2,000 to $5,000.

Colorado’s Social Host Liability
If you serve anyone underage or allow them to drink on property you own or control, you are liable for injuries they cause to third parties.

How to Find a Colorado DUI Attorney

To find a Colorado DUI attorney and ask how a DUI lawyer can help you, search our website,, or ask friends or the bar association for a referral. You’ll get the DUI DWI defense you need.

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