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NFL Free Agent Xavien Howard Accused of Sending Explicit Content to Ex’s Teenage Son

By Nina Richards | Posted on June 10, 2024

Christian Petersen/Getty Images via VIBE

Photo Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images via VIBE

A lawsuit filed in Broward Circuit Court has brought serious allegations against NFL free agent Xavien Howard. The former Miami Dolphins cornerback is accused of sending sexually explicit content to an underage boy, reportedly the son of a former ex-girlfriend. The lawsuit alleges that Howard sent content of him engaging in sexual acts with the woman to her teenage son following a dispute over her refusal to terminate a pregnancy. The lawsuit, filed on June 6, claims Howard "went on a warpath against her" and caused "significant emotional distress" to the minor.

Per reports, Howard had access to the minor’s number because his mother occasionally texted him from her children's phones when her phone battery was dead. Although she instructed Howard to stop communicating through her kids' phones once her own phone was recharged, he allegedly exploited this knowledge to send explicit material to the boy.

The lawsuit also includes claims from another woman, who accuses Howard of secretly recording their sexual encounters and distributing the footage without her consent. According to court filings, the woman, identified as “Jane Doe,” discovered the explicit videos when an Instagram user contacted her, revealing that Howard had shared multiple videos of him having sex with different women. When confronted, Howard admitted to sharing the videos to retaliate against Jane Doe after she rejected his advances.

The lawsuit seeks damages exceeding $50,000, meanwhile Howard’s attorney has publicly denied the allegations against Howard and “looks forward to prevailing in a court of law."

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