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Tax Law in Arizona

Did you know that if you need to call the IRS, an Arizona tax attorney can make the call for you? We know dealing with the IRS, the Arizona Department of Revenue, or any other taxing authority is nerve-wracking. Just having to make a phone call can be stressful and you may not fully understand how an AZ tax lawyer can help.

That’s what this article is for. We’ll explain:

  • When an AZ tax lawyer can help you
  • The types of taxes an AZ tax attorney deals with
  • How to find free non-legal tax help
  • How to find legal tax help

An Arizona Tax Lawyer Can Help with these Tax Problems

  • Ashley received a telephone message from the IRS requesting that she return the call to explain her tax return.

  • The Arizona Department of Revenue sent Jacob a letter asking why he hasn’t filed estimated taxes for the last 5 years.

  • The IRS is auditing Stacey’s business deductions. She claims home office and travel deductions.

  • Elliot doesn’t want to walk into his tax audit alone.

  • The tax court has ruled that John’s mother’s estate owes $300,000 in federal estate taxes. John signed the tax return as trustee.

  • Lilly has started a booming Internet business that she wants to take public.

An Arizona Tax Attorney Handles These Kind of Taxes

  • Income Taxes: Individual state, municipal, and federal income taxes; capital gains taxes;and business income taxes.

  • Payroll Taxes: Withholding taxes such as Social Security and Medicare taxes. This includes self-employment taxes.

  • Estate Planning Taxes: Federal estate, gift, and generation-skipping taxes.

  • Transfer Taxes: Realty transfer taxes and mergers and acquisitions taxes.

  • Sales and Use Taxes: Every day purchases as well as out-of-state and online purchase use taxes

  • Real Estate Taxes.

Where do I Find Arizona and Federal Tax Laws?

If you like to go to the original source and want to read the tax law, here are the links:

How Do I Find Non-Legal Tax Help?

Non-legal tax help is available from the IRS the Arizona Department of Revenue.

You can find forms, tax information, and contact information on these sites.

How Do I Find Legal Tax Help?

Fortunately, you do not have to face the IRS or the Arizona Department of Revenue – or even your own local taxing authority – alone. You can even ask an attorney to call the tax authorities on your behalf. To find an Arizonatax attorney, search our site,, or ask the bar association or a friend for a referral.

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